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        Editor: Patrick Panzera

        Twelve O'clock High Toby Jug 



        In case you were wondering about the significance of the Robin Hood mug in the movie Twelve OClock High, it usually sits on the mantle in the officers club, face to the wall; whenever theres a mission the mug is turned face out. The pilots werent usually happy to see that face, but I know that there are a lot of aviation fans who will be happy to see  that is available!

        Fans of Gregory Pecks classic 1949 black and white movie, Twelve O'Clock High?will instantly recognize this famous bit of pottery, as it played an important part in this epic war classic. CONTACT! Magazine fans should recognize the name Pete Plumb from issue 109, where we showcased his new half O-200, the DP-1 O-100 engine. Since that article, Pete has become a good friend of CONTACT! and in turn, hes allowing us to market his stunningly accurate replica of this famous Toby Jug.

        Petes craftsmanship is has allowed him to skillfully reproduce from photos and movie clips, this flawlessly accurate replica (minus the unfortunate chip seen in the movie). Pete is licensed by the distributing studio, Twentieth Century Fox, to produce and distribute this Jug, and his generous nature has allowed CONTCAT! to become one of a very small group of distributors of this collectable work.

        If you order through our website, Pete will ship you this full-size replica of the famous two-quart Jug, hand crafted and painted (one at a time) in the USA, along with two 8x10 glossy black and white stills, suitable for framing.

        The cost is $189.95 with proceeds of this sale going to CONTACT! Magazine, an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit, to further assist us in meeting our goals. The price includes free shipping to USA addresses.

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